Unfortunately, due to my current responsibilities, I am not able to take on new consulting projects.


I offer consulting services in the following areas: Privacy by Design, user experience research, and product development. I have consulted for a wide range of organizations, including small startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. Previous clients include a U.S. federal agency, the presidential campaigns of Wesley Clark, John Kerry, and John Edwards, the Pew Internet and American Life Project, and the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Program.

Privacy by Design

Embraced by U.S. and E.U. regulators, Privacy by Design is the state-of-the-art approach for fostering privacy during product development cycles. Following Privacy by Design, organizations are able to maintain regulatory compliance, provide a positive experience for stakeholders, and advance competitively in a marketplace that values privacy. I help organizations understand, deploy, and document a Privacy by Design strategy that ensures regulatory compliance while minimally disrupting development cycles. Qualifications include:

User Experience Research

As a Ph.D. researcher and faculty member, I have extensive experience running and teaching quantitative and qualitative user experience research. With these skills, I help organizations efficiently understand user behavior, and translate this understanding into actionable development. I specialize in survey development (including complex designs), experimental testing (A/B, multivariate), log and network analysis, and qualitative UX techniques. Qualifications include:

Product Development

As an entrepreneur, I have experience developing successful consumer-focused technology products. I provide research-based consulting at all levels of the product development stack. I help organizations with ideation and viability testing through early-stage consumer research, rapid prototyping integrated with UX research, brand development strategy and management, and with both scaling and privacy. I have been following the Lean Startup principles in my work for years, and can help your organization adopt the build-measure-learn model. Qualifications include:

If you'd like to discuss a potential project, please contact me via email for consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.